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My first remembrances of U.S.A

Today, I finally find the time to actually write this down. Life has always been a journey for me. This journey started off with my friends and parents telling me goodbye and wishing me good luck, and me sitting on a plane to go to a foreign country.
I had no idea whether I still wanted to continue with this. I just wanted to cancel everything and come back to India. But there was the curiosity of seeing a new country, the hope of making new friends for life, having fun and getting a degree.
So there I sat, in that plane. I made a friend there right away. We spoke throughout the journey, and when the flight got delayed, we even stayed together.
I never saw her again! When I landed at GSP, I struggled to keep tears at bay, and I wont say how successful I was. Seniors picked me up and took me to the place which was supposed to be my home for another 2 years, CLEMSON. The drive was a rather uninteresting one, except for the conversation we had. The trees were withered, there was a sense of depression.
When I reached Clemson, people around me were helpful everywhere ..
Ok, let me explain helpfulness here. Help came in from all angles, must say everyone was an angel here, I slowly but surely made some friends. One actually learns the meaning and depth of the word ‘Thank you’ here… especially when a total stranger helps you out, and becomes a good friend later…
Well, so much for my first experience of U.S.A


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