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The best things in my life…

At the risk of sounding repetitive (if you read my ‘About’ section which is now a couple of years old):

    Some things, small and generally unnoticed, that I am so thankful for:

Family, and a set of very limited friends, to call my own.
The unconditional love of a mother (and the irritants that come with it).
Ice creams, chocolate, and coffee.
Seeing raindrops, snowflakes (yes they are actually star-shaped).
Spell check that corrects ‘icecreams’ to ice creams’ or starshaped to star-shaped 🙂
Dinner with friends in a decent restaurant.
Window shopping (and some impromptu shopping when I just have to buy whatever it is I’m buying).
Plants, trees, flowers and birds.
Teddy bears: the soft toy versions.
My cozy room (I have shifted tons of rooms now :))
A decent education and ability to express my happiness and frustrations (mostly trivial) in an ‘educated’ manner.
My wardrobe filled with ‘fashionable’ and everyday-wear clothes, and the fact that it keeps changing 🙂 to be specific, just the luxury of having something to wear.

Working out in a gym.
The sweet taste of mangoes in summer (long since I enjoyed it’s sweet taste).
The warmth of the sun.
Warm woollen clothes in winter (so I can appreciate the beauty of snow).
A car to travel in, even if it’s not my own.
Reading amazing books (so many people are deprived of an education).
A warm blanket when I am cold.
Food when I am hungry (even in excess at times).
A family that annoyingly pressurizes me to get ‘settled’ for the best.
A roof over my head.
That I never get anything easily (NEVER), especially if I want it real bad. So I know the value of what it means to me, and am humbled by the experience.

    Some other additions that make me even luckier than several people out there:

No witnessing violence or bloodshed in my lifetime. (forget seeing it daily)
Not seeing a loved person die or killed in front of my eyes.
Not being physically or emotionally abused by family.
Not suffering any handicaps or having an incurable disease.
The five basic senses (doubtful of the sixth one) to appreciate the little things in life.
Having people to talk to, when I am sad or lonely.
Not having to suffer from the tragedies of old age (not yet).

When I was a little kid:
Variety of pencils and erasers (which I would lose almost daily)
Friends to fight with, and then play with
1 rupee collection of hard-earned 10 paisa coins, to buy 10 paisa chocolates – called pocket money back in those days

The list may seem silly to me a couple of months later as I read it, but I’m still thankful for the little things I’m blessed with. It’s a different thing that one has always strived to be better.


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