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Moving on to a new blog

So, it has been a few years since I wrote on this blog. I have created a new blog and am trying out blogger, however, I am not sure what to name it.

The purpose of my new and separate blog is to be helpful to new parents, especially moms. It will have a focus, from providing tips and help on specific parenting stuff, home improvement, and maybe even reviews on products I personally loved (or hated). Can you please help me in naming this new blog? Several of the simpler names are taken 😦

For anyone who still reads my blog, thanks!


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My review of the movie Gravity

Today I feel compelled to write about a movie that truly enjoyed: Gravity.

I was recommended this movie by a friend, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch any more space-themed, sci-fi movies. Still, my friend was pretty excited to watch this movie, so I felt excited.

The movie is superb. The movie uses 3D effects very effectively. I was literally sitting up straight on my seats (and the front most row at that, the theater was reserved packed with just those seats left) and I could feel my heart beat rise with the suspense of the movie.

There were many moments when I felt that I lost all gravity thanks to the special effects.

All in all, a great movie that must be seen in 3D with IMax preferably, but not something I would be able to watch more than once.

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The best things in my life…

At the risk of sounding repetitive (if you read my ‘About’ section which is now a couple of years old):

    Some things, small and generally unnoticed, that I am so thankful for:

Family, and a set of very limited friends, to call my own.
The unconditional love of a mother (and the irritants that come with it).
Ice creams, chocolate, and coffee.
Seeing raindrops, snowflakes (yes they are actually star-shaped).
Spell check that corrects ‘icecreams’ to ice creams’ or starshaped to star-shaped 🙂
Dinner with friends in a decent restaurant.
Window shopping (and some impromptu shopping when I just have to buy whatever it is I’m buying).
Plants, trees, flowers and birds.
Teddy bears: the soft toy versions.
My cozy room (I have shifted tons of rooms now :))
A decent education and ability to express my happiness and frustrations (mostly trivial) in an ‘educated’ manner.
My wardrobe filled with ‘fashionable’ and everyday-wear clothes, and the fact that it keeps changing 🙂 to be specific, just the luxury of having something to wear.

Working out in a gym.
The sweet taste of mangoes in summer (long since I enjoyed it’s sweet taste).
The warmth of the sun.
Warm woollen clothes in winter (so I can appreciate the beauty of snow).
A car to travel in, even if it’s not my own.
Reading amazing books (so many people are deprived of an education).
A warm blanket when I am cold.
Food when I am hungry (even in excess at times).
A family that annoyingly pressurizes me to get ‘settled’ for the best.
A roof over my head.
That I never get anything easily (NEVER), especially if I want it real bad. So I know the value of what it means to me, and am humbled by the experience.

    Some other additions that make me even luckier than several people out there:

No witnessing violence or bloodshed in my lifetime. (forget seeing it daily)
Not seeing a loved person die or killed in front of my eyes.
Not being physically or emotionally abused by family.
Not suffering any handicaps or having an incurable disease.
The five basic senses (doubtful of the sixth one) to appreciate the little things in life.
Having people to talk to, when I am sad or lonely.
Not having to suffer from the tragedies of old age (not yet).

When I was a little kid:
Variety of pencils and erasers (which I would lose almost daily)
Friends to fight with, and then play with
1 rupee collection of hard-earned 10 paisa coins, to buy 10 paisa chocolates – called pocket money back in those days

The list may seem silly to me a couple of months later as I read it, but I’m still thankful for the little things I’m blessed with. It’s a different thing that one has always strived to be better.

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I feel a feeling,
Somewhere inside the core of my heart
I know that this sweet feeling
Will never come out apart.

I can’t express it,
It’s beautiful, yet its sad,
It’s like a bad dream,
I don’t want it to come true.

It’s like a mother’s tender touch,
That takes away her child’s pain,
But for now, it’s just too much,
And it cannot be explained,

I can hear sad whispers,
And I want to reply and say,
I want all emotions and these sad memories
To simply go away.

– Written on 17th June, 2002

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A summer evening / night

On a summer evening, felt like saying a prayer,
Feelings running deep, waiting to be shared.
Ambitions aimed high, they show up bare,
Just like the clouds amidst the sun rays.

The sun sets, its beauty heals hearts that break,
A small bud blossoms, only when it is spared.

As the moonlight creeps in ,
The world goes to sleep.
The stars are twinkling,
From the skies they shyly peep.

Reality is soon to be a memory,
Promises in the air,
Dewdrops next morning,
Its peaceful everywhere.

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My first remembrances of U.S.A

Today, I finally find the time to actually write this down. Life has always been a journey for me. This journey started off with my friends and parents telling me goodbye and wishing me good luck, and me sitting on a plane to go to a foreign country.
I had no idea whether I still wanted to continue with this. I just wanted to cancel everything and come back to India. But there was the curiosity of seeing a new country, the hope of making new friends for life, having fun and getting a degree.
So there I sat, in that plane. I made a friend there right away. We spoke throughout the journey, and when the flight got delayed, we even stayed together.
I never saw her again! When I landed at GSP, I struggled to keep tears at bay, and I wont say how successful I was. Seniors picked me up and took me to the place which was supposed to be my home for another 2 years, CLEMSON. The drive was a rather uninteresting one, except for the conversation we had. The trees were withered, there was a sense of depression.
When I reached Clemson, people around me were helpful everywhere ..
Ok, let me explain helpfulness here. Help came in from all angles, must say everyone was an angel here, I slowly but surely made some friends. One actually learns the meaning and depth of the word ‘Thank you’ here… especially when a total stranger helps you out, and becomes a good friend later…
Well, so much for my first experience of U.S.A

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Read this somewhere, loved every word of it.

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you dont
If you like to win, but you think you cant
It is almost certain you wont.
If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
For out of the world we find,
Success begins with a person’s will
It’s all in the state of mind
If you think you are outclassed, you are.
You’ve gotta think high to rise
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize
Life’s battles dont always go
To the stronger or faster man
But soon or late the one who wins is the one who thinks HE CAN!

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