This is Amrita’s world…


I feel a feeling,
Somewhere inside the core of my heart
I know that this sweet feeling
Will never come out apart.

I can’t express it,
It’s beautiful, yet its sad,
It’s like a bad dream,
I don’t want it to come true.

It’s like a mother’s tender touch,
That takes away her child’s pain,
But for now, it’s just too much,
And it cannot be explained,

I can hear sad whispers,
And I want to reply and say,
I want all emotions and these sad memories
To simply go away.

– Written on 17th June, 2002


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A summer evening / night

On a summer evening, felt like saying a prayer,
Feelings running deep, waiting to be shared.
Ambitions aimed high, they show up bare,
Just like the clouds amidst the sun rays.

The sun sets, its beauty heals hearts that break,
A small bud blossoms, only when it is spared.

As the moonlight creeps in ,
The world goes to sleep.
The stars are twinkling,
From the skies they shyly peep.

Reality is soon to be a memory,
Promises in the air,
Dewdrops next morning,
Its peaceful everywhere.

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